The 126th American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money Comes To Denver

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The 126th American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money is in Denver Colorado August 1-5 2017 at the Colorado Convention Center hosted by the Colorado Springs Coin Club.  There will be over a billion dollars’ worth of rare coins, currency and other items.

Worthy of note is The Lesher Dollar Display from Victor / Cripple Creek Colorado at table 439.  This display will be the first time ever the newly NGC certified Henderson-Marchase collection of Lesher dollars will be presented for viewing.  This collection consists 17 of 18 different Farran Zerbe varieties and 20 total examples.  This collection is the most complete and valuable collection in existence.


This collection will be on display during this year’s Denver World’s Fair of Money, with other collections, totaling approximately 75 individual medals.  This will be the first time 18 of 18 total Zerbe varieties will be presented together in history.  This is also the first showing in history to display this many Lesher Dollars at one time.  This display will be located on the bourse floor, in the premium section, and not in the ANA exhibit section.  Along with the medals themselves also on display are items associated with Joseph Lesher and what we call Lesher Wannabees which are medals to tokens produced to mimic the actual Lesher Dollars.


This display is being presenting in conjunction with the release of the new Lesher Dollar book “Forgotten Colorado Silver” by Robert Leonard, Ken Hallenbeck and Adna Wilde.  This is the most comprehensive book on Lesher Dollars ever written.  Along with this book also available is the new “Lesher Dollar’s Check List” by Christopher Marchase and Ken Hallenbeck which is an easy to use reference book that documents all the known Lesher Dollars by number.  Almost 600 documented pieces.


Mr. Marchase, a long-time researcher and expert on Lesher Dollars along with fellow Lesher enthusiast W. David Perkins are the moderators for this exhibit they will be available to answer questions and provide historical background and information related to these very rare and valuable Lesher Dollars.


Lesher Dollars are some of the most sought-after Colorado Numismatic medals and never at any other time have there been this many in one location.  Along with this display the American Numismatic Association will be displaying their Lesher Dollar collection part of the museum show case, and several might even be found for sale in a dealer’s case.  Three are being auctioned during the show by Heritage Auctions and there should be over 100 examples presented for viewing under one roof, roughly 1/6th of the total known population of Lesher Dollars.{“issue_id”:421749,”page”:16}{“issue_id”:421749,”page”:82}{“issue_id”:421749,”page”:82}

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